Mini Fountain Pen - Pilot Petit1

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These pocket sized fountain pens are made by Pilot, the Japanese stationery extraordinaires. Whether for drawing or writing, you can rely on these pocket sized pens to deliver creativity. 

These dinky pens are 11cm long and 13.5cm with the cap on the end, They are 1.5cm at the widest point.

Replacement cartridges can also be purchased from our shop in an array of beautiful colours. Alternatively, your pen can be converted into an eyedropper filled barrel with a few easy steps. 
Follow this link for a video instruction of how to alter your pen:  

Although small, they are mighty and versatile. This "every day carry" pen is sure to supercharge your creative flow.

Fountain Pen barrels are available in the following colours:
Indigo and Red

Ink cartridges are available in the following colours:
Black, Indigo, Blue, Cyan, Green, Orange, Red and Magenta