Nouveau Watercolour Set

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Our watercolour sets are perfect for using with our Sketching Tins or on their own. Made from natural gum arabic and pure pigments, this paint is highly pigmented, giving a concentrated hit of colour. A magnet on the bottom of the pan secures it to the base of the tin or the palette lid, or anything else metal. This set comes with a colour wheel card for use as a guide for mixing. 

We have selected colours that are useful as individual shades and also have great colour mixing capabilities when used in combination.

The Nouveau colour range contains:

1. Bubblegum, 2. Naples Yellow, 3. Powder Blue.

Nouveau creates an iridescent rainbow of delicate, dreamy colours. Evocative of the work of Alfons Mucha and other members of the Art Nouveau movement.

This listing is for one set of 3 watercolours. Please see our other listings to buy different ranges and multiple sets.