Grand Motel Watercolour Set

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The Grand Motel colour range contains:

1. Blush, 2. Naples Yellow, 3. Aqua.

A grown-up pastel twist on the primary colours of the colour wheel.

Simultaneously nostalgic and fresh, Grand Motel is a modern take on classic mid-century colours. They are sophisticated pastels with added depth. We have selected colours that are useful as individual hues and also have great colour mixing capabilities when used in combination.

Our watercolour paints are made from pure pigments and natural gum arabic. This makes them highly pigmented, giving a concentrated hit of colour. The holder inside our Sketching Tin is designed to fit three half pans.

All our sets come with a colour wheel card for use as a guide for mixing. We will gladly send extra colour wheel cards with any order. If you are ordering half pans separately, have lost the card that came with your set, or for any other reason would like to receive a colour wheel card without purchasing the set...please include a note with your order letting us know which cards you'd like.

Quantities are adjustable in your cart. 

This listing is for one set of 3 watercolours. Please see our other listings to buy individual shades, different ranges and multiple sets.