Primary Watercolour Set

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Our watercolour sets are perfect for using with our Sketching Tins. Made from natural gum arabic and pure pigments, this paint is highly pigmented, giving a concentrated hit of colour. A magnet on the bottom of the pan secures it to the base of the tin or the palette lid, or anything else metal.
Each set comes with a colour wheel card for use as a guide for mixing.

We have selected colours that are useful as individual shades and also have great colour mixing capabilities when used in combination. The Primary colour range contains:

1. Permanent Rose, 2. Yellow, 3. Cerulean.

These are strong, bold shades. Really versatile for mixing a wide range of useful colours.

This listing is for one set of 3 watercolours. There are three other colour ranges, each with a different mood. Please see our other listings to buy different ranges and multiple sets.