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The artists' studio that fits in your pocket - our Sketching tin is the ultimate tool for convenience when sketching at home or on location in a coffee shop, on a walk in the countryside or anywhere else. 

It's small enough to pop in your pocket and carry with you at all times at 9.5 x 6.2 x 2.2 cm (3.7 x 2.4 x 0.9 inches).

Just fill the brush with water before you head out and you have everything you need to draw and paint.

Each tin contains:

1. Three half pans of exceptionally highly pigmented watercolours, made from pure pigments mixed with natural gum arabic. Each colourway is carefully selected to mix a beautiful spectrum of colours. Just slide out the metal holder to change the colourway.

2. A waterbrush in two parts with a stopper so you can store water in the barrel and screw on the brush when you're ready to paint.

3. A 2b pencil.

4. A metal pencil sharpener.

5. An eraser with a protective cardboard cover.

All this creative potential is snugly contained in a tin smaller than a phone. The inside of the lid of the tin is ideal for use as a mixing palette and each tin comes with a cotton cuff around it for wiping excess pigment. In the box that contains your tin, you will also find a colour wheel card to demonstrate your chosen colourway and The Sketching Guide, full of tips and ideas about your tin and how to use it.

The Sketching tin is petrol blue coloured on the outside. The lid is illustrated with a monochrome scene of the beautiful Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, Canada. This is where Joan of Art live and work and where the Sketching Tins are designed and put together.

Pick a colourway for your tin from our range of watercolour sets:

Primary - 1. Permanent Rose, 2. Yellow, 3. Cerulean Blue

Earthy - 1. Rose Madder, 2. Yellow Ochre, 3. Prussian Blue

Neon - 1. Hot Pink, 2. Lemon Yellow, 3. Lagoon

Grand Motel - 1. Blush, 2. Naples Yellow, 3. Aqua

Tutti Frutti - 1. Peony, 2. Pineapple, 3. Sky Blue

Nouveau - 1. Bubblegum, 2. Naples Yellow, 3. Powder Blue

the Souk - 1. Rose Madder, 2. Yellow 3. Ultramarine

Hygge - 1. Loganberry, 2. Raw Umber 3. Indigo

Riviera - 1. Scarlet, 2. Golden Yellow, 3. Ultramarine

Neutral - 1. Van Dyke Brown, 2. French Grey, 3. Indigo

All these colourways are also available on their own and each of the watercolour half pans are available separately. When ordering extra sets to use in your Sketching tin, t
he magnets are not necessary. The holder inside the tin is designed to fit half pans with or without a magnet.

For convenient, space saving, everyday creativity, at home or on the go. This tin will accompany you on your travels so you can be ready to document whatever sights you see.
Perfect for developing a creative habit. You never know when inspiration will strike so be prepared to capture any moment and keep your imagination well exercised!

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This is my third colour way and second tin

I am so glad I bought the Neutral Sketching Tin, the colours are beautiful together and so useful singly. This is my third colourway and second sketching tin. Thank you Joan of Art.